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Poor Soul was a dreamer, Poor Soul’s now a dead dreamer
Poor souls are all just wieners, Poor Soul needs to be freer
Poor souls are all just screamers, Poor Soul needs to believe her
Poor souls are all only lemurs, Poor Soul needs to just be here and…

Celebrate your happiness, and delegate, the horrors of excess!

Ever say “it’s never enough”? There’s always room for more stuff
Believe that hole you feel, will only go away the more you steal
In our minds we try, to deny white lies, but as we soon shall see, this is no way to eternity!

So we celebrate our cutting the corners, we celebrate our lives
We try to rectify our honor, by justifying our lies!
And we don’t know when we’ll put to an end this madness we call ‘love’
For what we love is to kill what we can, then to say it came from above!

Try, try, and you cry ~ poor babies! But try, try, and they die! ~ Africa!

Celebrate your happiness, (your happy penises!) and delegate the horrors of excess! (‘Happy’ excesses!)

Bring on the horsemen, da sheep will endorse them, apocalypse awaits our ever-fading voices
Wherever we find peace, we immediately destroy it, where there’s love we just can’t afford it
As long as we can have our celebrations, and worry not much about humiliations
The world will survive ‘til the next generation, or so we tell ourselves… “We don’t need to listen!”

To the cries of the billions disenfranchised, if only pain was money, we’d be poor countries!
If only we could see what they see, would we feel so lonely in our self-pity?

So sad it is that we can’t see how
Sad it is that we just won’t help
Those who need our ‘help’ the utmost
Like those who need to be just themselves, away from us?!

Celebrate your happiness, (happy penises!) and delegate the horrors of excess! (Excess!)

But Jesus Christ will save us, from those who might blame us; the righteous souls will live…
Forever’s for never, and never’s not enough, when people are crying, crying and dying

And the Earth is hurting, hurting and yearning, for a short time ago, when we were as one
Where beautiful sky was all we could see, the heavens, the stars, the sun and the sea, when life was a dream!

Try, try, and you cry ~ poor babies! Try, try, and you cry ~ poor babies! But try, try, and they die ~ everyone!

Celebrate (liberate!) your happiness, (your happy penises!) and delegate (litigate!) the horrors of excess! (of your excess)

Poor Soul, dead Dream, let US, be what we be!


released June 20, 2015
Music, lyrics, and main vocals by Timothy Bartsch. Backing vocals in the hip hop section by Melanie Kilsby. Guitarist ~ P.D. Wohl. Producers ~ Timothy Bartsch, P.D. Wohl and Richard Dolmat. Recording engineers ~ Richard Dolmat and P.D. Wohl.



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T Vancouver, British Columbia

'First openly "HIV-positive" MOCK star'

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